A desktop nanoimprint tool or a Compact Nanoimprint tool is basically the instrument that makes replication of micro as well as nanoscale structures or things possible through the process of embossing. This is a highly intuitive process that can be flexibly used. The best part about nanoimprint technology is that this can be used conveniently by people without costly or gigantic tools or instruments. You also don’t need any kind of technical help or guidance including any laboratory space.

It is possible to do both thermal imprints as well as UV imprints with this tool. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can carry out the entire operations without the deployment of any trained staff. Any master fitting into the imprint chamber is easily usable. In fact, not just the Nanoimprint of micro or nanoscale structures, this device is equally capable of carrying out advanced development work for mature structures.

How to work successfully with the CNI tool?

The CNI tool is the appropriate starting point or threshold for nanoimprint and this is a very simple to operate device that can facilitate non-standard processes and variations of experiments.

  • It is easy to install. You just plug it and play within less than 20 minutes
  • This is a unique tool that offers different processes and technologies for users

  • This is very easy to use
  • There’s no need for fixed installation and it is a good value for money
  • The device offers high-quality imprints
  • The tool can also handle different stamp and substrate shapes and there are no requirements

The stamps and substrate vary in different sizes and shapes to approximately 4 inches in diameter. It is always recommended to place the bigger at the bottom and get the smaller on the top. The stamp and substrate should have a height of 20 mm. Further, the tool comes with a free imprint chamber extension ring that allows the stamp and substrate height to be up to 45 mm.

The software interface is very easy to operate and the usage examples include imprint of nanostructures, microstructures, gratings imprint, fragile substrates imprint, working stamps production, high aspect ratio structures hot embossing, polymer sheets hot embossing, and thermal polymer bonding.

The product software or the CNI software controls the full process and flexibility and starting from loading to unloading, everything is manipulated by the software, making things completely streamlined and result-oriented.