Have you ever question where we’d do without technology? Imagine the way your existence could be when we did not have networked computers, smartphones, electricity, and books (e-books and paper-based). It’s nearly impossible to consider our way of life without them. What is technology anyhow? How has it altered the world? Made it happen change the world for that better or worse?

Based on Wikipedia, technology is “the making, usage, and understanding of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems or ways of organization to be able to solve an issue or execute a specific function. It may also make reference to the gathering of these tools, machinery, and operations.” This means that when you read the sunday paper, switch on the lights, make use of your computer, and also the Internet, you use technology. Therefore, if you’re able to look at this, thank technology. Language, especially written language, has most likely had probably the most profound effect. Consider everything will get conveyed in our midst every single day. Dumbfounded or important inventions such as the printing press, something similar to the internet would most likely not exist. Add mathematics, metallurgy, and electricity towards the listing of innovations which have permanently altered our way of life, too. Consider a global without sky scrapers, automobiles, or television. It is totally possible because of technology.

Some think technology makes our way of life significantly better. Just consider all you are able learn through books and Webpages. Think of the lives that may be saved with modern medical understanding and equipment. Take into account that world’s farms are actually more lucrative and may feed our growing population. These are merely some the wonders technology has introduced.

For many, the reasons of contemporary existence aren’t well worth the convenience. Wonderful our devices modern wonders, we frequently find ourselves working longer hrs than we may with ‘abnormal’ amounts of technology. If you’ve ever spent a vacation free from mobile phones, computers, and tv, you will know the straightforward existence can be more relaxing. However, society is becoming too determined by technology so that you can quit in the near future. Even cultures that don’t embrace modern technology must exist together with individuals which do and rely on them for trade too.

Next time you complain regarding your meal taking several minutes to prepare within the microwave, or that sleep issues of town is simply too far to visit visit a movie, keep in mind that without technology to create this stuff possible, we may have more to complain about.

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