As an entrepreneur, one of the hardest decisions is to select the right developer for your project. Ecommerce projects tend to be complicated, because a lot of aspects need attention – choice of CMS and platform, design, branding, payment options, online security, UI & UX, and other things. It is necessary to compare options and choose an apt ecommerce developer Singapore before taking the call. We recommend the following ideas below for help.

Start with requirements

The scope of your ecommerce project needs discussion, and since these projects take longer in development, you need a local firm in Singapore that is around to offer tech support. Make a scope memo for your project, with your immediate concerns, and give the same to the ecommerce developer to solve and offer solutions.

Discuss the basics

What kind of platform do you want to use – Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce? Have you considered the payment options that customers will have? What kind of features do you have in mind? What about user experience, interface, vendors, and backend features? While you talk to an ecommerce development service, these are first things to discuss.

Finally, get an estimate and make sure that you are involved in the entire development process.