Some people may claim to be experts in search engine optimisation (SEO) and promise to get websites ranked on the first page of Google within just a few days. If you own a website, you have probably tried being approached by one of these individuals or maybe you have seen their advertisements.

However, the truth is that while the majority of these individuals promise you the world, they will only get your site penalised by Google. They are using black-hat SEO techniques to try to fool search engines. Although these techniques might be helpful somehow, it will only be in the short term and your rankings will drop right ways leaving you in frustrations as you deal with a serious crisis.

You might get thousands of low-quality links that point to your website. These links will your reputation in the eyes of Google. The fake experts know this; however, try to scam you anyway for some money.

Avoid falling for their traps. Rather, enlist the services of a local SEO consultant who keeps up with the updates of Google and uses only SEO methods that Google approves. Rather than spammy tactics like low-quality link building, spam commenting for backlinks, private blog networks, keyword stuffing and cloaking, and other black-hat SEO methods, the real experts use just white-hat tactics that are provide to work.

A professional SEO consultant focuses on optimising your site with relevant keywords. They use the best keyword tools to find keywords with low competition and high numbers of monthly searches.