Managing Excel spreadsheets, need for data analysis and the obligation to create monthly reports can be a hard mix for managers. Entrepreneurs often have the database they need, but the whole process of using data effectively remains a problem. In this post, we are talking about what is a pivot table and how it can help with some of the concerns we just talked about.

What is a pivot table?

In terms of definition, pivot table can be summed up as a program tool, which allows a user to organize, summarize and sort data on a spreadsheet. The use of pivot tables is extensive, and more often than not, this is tool is used for managing database tables, just to slice and dice the data but without changing things within the database.

Why should your company use pivot table?

The primary purpose of a pivot table is to organize and sort information, for better representation. It offers a clear means for data analysis and allow entrepreneurs and managers to link data to extended sources. Data can be combined for various sheets, and it is easy to understand the main points, often from numerous spreadsheets. Pivot tables also offer an easy means to generate data reports, especially monthly and weekly reports, which otherwise can require considerable manual effort and time and can be prone to human errors.

About making the most of pivot table

There are many reasons and ways to use pivot tables, but the tool is more useful when there is considerable volume of data to be managed. Let’s say that an online store has made great numbers for a given quarter, but which product has the maximum sales? How can the management find about products that need to be promoted more? With pivot tables, it is easy to organize the data and create a summary for each segment, item and category, so that conclusive decisions can be taken. Many online database software solutions do rely on pivot tables and offer this as a tool for better data presentation and analysis, so if your managers are not aware of how to work with spreadsheets and improve analysis, the tutorials and guides can help.

There is no way businesses can ignore the need for pivot table in the big data world, and it is absolutely important to use a good online database software system that helps in keeping a tab on how various tools are used for better data management.